FCE SEAIR TRANS WORLD INDONESIA handles tons of freight through its network all over the world, delivering innovative solutions to cover the everchanging needs of a dynamic market. Using selected and preferred carriers for each route FCE delivers customer satisfaction from door to door, along with its segmented offer

Express Service

Where fast and urgent deliveries are needed, FCE can provide an express air service with short transit times and direct flights to destination. Higher cost is supported by high quality service and state-of-the-art standard procedures.

Standard & Direct

With thousands of shipments every year FCE is a recognized company in the market and respected by carriers. Through few selected partnership FCE is able to provide a stable and reliable service for general cargo, textile and fashion, GOH, exotics, food, perishable and other tailor-made transport services.

Combined Sea + Air

For more economic solutions but still very competitive in terms of total transit time, FCE can organize multimodal solutions based on the location of its international hubs, combining air and sea movements for more convenient deliveries. Our skilled personnel will help you to trace the best routing of your goods in terms of cost and service.

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